Promar understands that its employees play a vital role in building a sustainable business and their skills, knowledge and wellbeing underpin the company’s success. It is therefore a key objective for Promar to ensure a work life balance for all employees.

Investors In People (IIP) is based on 3 key areas, Plan, Do and Review. Plan strategies to improve performance, Do the action to improve performance and Review the  plan to seek to improve performance. This ensures that the company and its employees are aligned in improving the success of the business. Successful assessment for IIP was achieved in October 2011.

Promar recognises that training is key in the development of employees within the business to maximise employees potential ensuring the continued success of the business.

Promar is committed to succession planning to develop both employees and the business from within ensuring knowledge and skills are retained and used to build the future success of the business.

Promar International are constantly looking for talented staff, who share our committment  and passion to develop agricultural and food business, both in the U.K. and globally.  Please fill in the application form below and return to us by email or post.

Current Vacancies

All vacancies are advertised internally initially and externally if required to ensure the recruitment of the right candidate, however Promar recognises that it is best practice to appoint internally where ever possible.

Current vacancies are as below:

There are no vacancies currently available.

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