About Us

Promar International's Agriculture and Food (Agri-food) team has a wealth of experience and a rich heritage. The food consultancy was originally named Produce Studies and was set-up in 1958 at the specific request of the UK National Farmers’ Union. The company’s first project was to assess how “UK food and drink products could be more effectively promoted to consumers and the commercial trade.” A topic that is still of considerable interest today!
The agricultural element of our business came as part of the information unit of the Genus consultancy service.  This research unit was initially founded to provide research and insight to support the national farm based consultancy staff.
In 1999, the food consulting arm was acquired by Genus plc and merged with our existing farm based business to create Promar International as it is today. 
This linked our food and farming expertise to create a whole supply chain capability.  The name "Promar" originally came from what was the Produce Studies telex answer back in the late 1980s.
Almost 55 years since inception, our work throughout the supply chain remains focussed on helping clients to understand their customers and make the most of the environments they operate in. This includes assisting UK & internationally based farmers and food & drink producers to more effectively produce and market their products to processing companies, retailers, foodservice operators and consumers.