Dairy Management Academy

Promar International, in partnership with Genus ABS and LKL Services, will recruit for you the best herd managers of the future.

The Dairy Management Academy is the only industry training programme aimed at high level training for dairy managers of the future.  The Academy comprises of eight two-day courses scheduled over two years, including a study tour.

Course Objectives

• After completion of Dairy Management Academy, students will be able demonstrate that they can achieve high levels of farm business management.

• The Promar Dairy Management Academy covers all the key areas of dairy farm management.  Ranging from practical elements, such as rationing dairy cows to financial planning (topics covered are outlined in the course brochure).

• The teaching methods will be a mixture of classroom based theory, and exercises and on farm practical demonstrations and assessments.  Both methods of delivery will be assessed.  It is imperative that students can excel in both areas, for a successful completion of the course. 

•  Every module is focused upon key areas within dairying with the aim to provide a comprehensive training programme in each topic.

• Each module is assessed to ensure the expected standards are achieved, and informal appraisals are conducted between every module at the delegates’ place of work, in order to provide additional support and training.

• Regular assessments will be carried out during each module. This will take the form of a written and multiple choice assessment based upon previously taught material. There will also be relevant exercises to test knowledge and application.

• There will also be an informal assessment at the students’ place of work to reinforce the previous module, and again to provide additional support and knowledge application of the taught material.

• Upon completion the participants will be able to demonstrate a high level of competency in the taught areas from the course overview below.

• The primary objective is to deliver future farm mangers which have the necessary management skills in order to thrive in 21st century dairy farming.

For more details have a look at our Dairy Management Academy brochure.
After the success of last year, we are again sponsoring the National Herdsmans Conference.  It is a great mix of speakers and a good chance to meet a lot of people in a similar situation as a herdsperson or farm worker.  If you are currently a herdsperson or interested in the career opportunities it is a must to attend.

For further details see: www.nationalherdsmansconference.com