Environmental Land Management

The Environment Unit provides environmental services to private businesses (farmers and land owners), water companies, Natural England and the Environment Agency across the UK. These include:

• Assessment of diffuse pollution, including Win-Win mitigation options.
• Environmental legislation – NVZ compliance including record keeping through our Bureau service.
• Farm Infrastructure – assessment and recommendation of building and storage design.
• Advice and application for Environmental Schemes.
• Nutrient management plans – including understanding how to improve soil management.
• Climate change resilience planning.
These services are provided through a combination of government sponsored projects as well to our individual farm clients.
Recent project examples

Delivering nutrient management planning as part of Project 4 Livestock Northwest, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Understanding farmer behaviour and attitude to reduce diffuse water pollution from agriculture, Severn Trent Water

Understanding farmer behaviour and attitude towards metaldehyde, Thames Water