Greenhouse Gases

The Environment Unit provides advice to farmers and the food supply chain concerning the production reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Although not always recognised as the main objective for the industry, sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions is becoming a more fundamental priority.

We work with supermarkets, producer groups and industry bodies to calculate product carbon footprints and to identify mitigation and adaptation plans as an integral part of our advice offering.

Our advice to Promar’s large client base results in nutrient planning, diet formulation, grassland management for inclusion of clover in grass swards, improvements in genetic potential etc that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the Environment Unit is well-versed in the requirements for mandatory greenhouse gas reporting at an organisational level. This allows us to assess the key emission sources for businesses and establish a reliable and case-specific carbon inventory to allow monitoring of the business’ footprint and provide advice for mitigation or reduction.

Recent project examples

Organisational footprinting to comply with mandatory greenhouse gas emission reporting, UK plc Company

Product based footprinting for milk, individual farmers and milk pools

Testing an EU methodology for carbon footprinting, University of Reading & EU Joint Research Council

Data provision on Dairy Sector, UK Greenhouse Gas Platform