Market Dashboard

Over the last 18 months, we have worked with a range of clients to develop a high-level market intelligence reporting system.  The system is specifically designed to reduce the amount of time and effort executive or C-level managers need to spend to keep up-to-date with critical agriculture and food market issues.
For almost 50 years, Promar International has been known in agriculture and food markets for high-quality, bespoke market research and strategy projects.  We have recently launched a new service to provide our clients with the same high quality research and analysis, but on a more frequent basis.
The result is what we call a Market Intelligence Dashboard (MID).  A Promar MID is a periodic report, (typically monthly) that provides clear strategic analysis of critical issues to your industry and business.   The benefits of this report are:
•     reduced management time spent on information gathering
•     higher quality knowledge for decision making and planning
The document below summarises the Promar MID report and system in greater detail.