The Agriculture and Food (Agri-food) team completes a wide range of project management activities including the following:
  • Tender management and submissions
We are able to support clients with proposals to obtain grant funding for various projects.  This includes identifying funding sources, conductng eligibility checks, developing concepts and completing grant / funding applications.
  • Data collection contracts
Based on our existing networks, particularly with livestock farmers, we are able to collect and manage bespoke data to support research and segmentation studies.  Much of this data can be collected and linked with Promar's existing data and information to provide a wealth of information both on technical and financial farm performance.  Information can be drilled down to a farm transaction and product pricing level.
  • Management of data bases and information
We are experienced in managing large data sets and have systems and tools to assist with this.
  • Emergency Response
This experience comes for the management of the vaccination resource for exotic animal disease in the UK.  It involves coordinating over 600 staff to be ready to mobilise in the event of a disease such as Foot and Mouth.  Procedures have been developed to enable this contract to be set up at a moments notice.
  • Management of large-scale farm-based 'Framework' projects
We are involved in delivery of UK and European funded programmes.  The projects involve managing staff to deliver training to producers via one to one or group events.  Programmes also require the collection of confidential data in a format suitable for RPA and EU audit.  We would normally provide training for 2,000 to 3,000 farmers per year through these contracts.