Farm Consulting

As part of a global organisation, Promar International consultants have access to the most up to date information and industry ideas. We are able to take account of global and national effects, in addition to practical on-farm issues, when providing the best consulting solutions for our customers.

Many of our customers benefit from business planning and development, where we will assess the comparative strengths, abilities and potential of the farm, to develop a clear long-term vision and strategy with business objectives. It is essential for all Land based businesses to evaluate the effect of legislation on their business and plan for the future. Our Consultants can help cut through the challenge of red tape and make sense of the Grant schemes, DEFRA and EU regulations and directives

Financial management is absolutely critical in order to successfully achieve a farm’s business objectives. Our consultants work with our customers to agree short-term financial and physical targets, and construct budgets which identify profit requirements, and areas for change and action. This can be then be further strengthened through the use on our financial recording systems, which monitor the business’s actual performance against expectations.

Our consultants also provide expert on farm technical advice, and work with customers to identify ways in which to improve farm management systems and practices. These technical improvements are then streamlined to meet the core objectives of the business and include:

  • Dairy performance monitoring
  • Nutrition services and feed analysis
  • Forage assessment
  • Fertility monitoring
  • Feed assessment
  • Dairy hygiene.

Ultimately success is measured by improving the profitability of all our clients on a continuous improvement basis.

Dairy Management Academy

Promar International, in partnership with Genus ABS and LKL Services, will recruit for you the best herd managers of the future.  Click for further details.