Promar’s Agriculture and Food (Agri-Food) team provides specialist business research, market intelligence and business strategy for organisations along the food supply chain.
Our work is bespoke - we offer customised programs to meet individual client's needs and budget.
Our clients include a wide range of public and private organisations from multi-national food and life science companies to industry associations and government departments or agencies.
Around 50% of our work is based in the UK - with the balance covering a range of international markets from India and China to lesser known markets such as Kazakhstan and Tanzania.
To any project we aim to bring four things:
  • Strategic or 'big picture' view of the market - while the 'devil is in the detail', it is all too easy to become bogged down in the minutiae and miss the real messages.


  • Fact based and customer-led view of current and future opportunities: analysing data to identify and verify tangible opportunities; 'listening hard' to customers to understand their needs and wants.


  • Straight talking, pragmatic approach - we aim to provide clear messages and actionable recommendations.


  • A willingness to 'walk the talk' - where relevant we assist clients to communicate our recommendations to their staff/stakeholders and provide practical support to implement any changes recommended.